Grant Support

Grant Support

The IUSM Graduate Division now has a full-time grant support specialist to provide information, data, and training grant support on a case-by-case basis. This specialist will also work closely with the new Director of Postdoctoral Affairs, as well as DMGA. For assistance, please contact the Graduate Division. Please check back soon (and often!) for updates. 



  • Assists principal investigators with the submission of training grants, to include:
    • Maintaining a master list of all NIH, IUSM training grants.
    • Compiling information required for application tables.
    • Tracking the progress of former trainees.
    • Identifying key information for a school-wide training grant database.
    • Coordinating an annual update of Resources and Environment text.
    • Assists both PIs and DMGA with the completion of the GSS NIH/NSF survey.

 For best results, requests for assistance with training grant tables should include:

  1. Submitting the request at least 2 months prior to the training grant due date.
  2. Information on the training grant due date, the title of the grant and PI that is being submitted, what data tables need to be completed and the date data tables need to be completed by, and most importantly, a list of faculty and their departments for those participating on the grant, a list of your current pre and post docs, and the contact person for the grant.
  3. A meeting time to discuss the details of the training grant.
  4. If you need access to Canvas, please contact Lauren Easterling with names and emails of those who need access. 


*Priority will be based on both the proposal due date, and the date when the key information is provided.

*The Grant Specialist’s role is to help with the completion of the training grant tables, but the ultimate responsibility for all parts of the proposal is with the principal investigator.

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