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Diversity is one of the core values and guiding principles of Indiana University School of Medicine.  The guiding principles state, "Diversity in background, outlook and interest is inherent in the practice of medicine, and appreciation and understanding of such diversity is an important aspect of health care and scientific training. As part of that training, the School strives to inculcate values of professional and collegial attitudes and behaviors in interactions among members of the School community and among School members and patients, their families and community members at-large, that accommodate difference, whether in age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, social, cultural, religious or ethnic values."  School and campus diversity resources include:

IUSM Diversity Council
The Indiana University School of Medicine Diversity Council seeks to nurture success and embrace diversity among students, residents, faculty and staff through recruitment, retention, and development of programs that promote cultural competence. The Council will provide a forum for addressing diversity issues within the IU School of Medicine.

IUSM Diversity Affairs
The IUSM Office of Diversity Affairs implements the overall strategy for diversity as a locus for resources, support, counseling, and planned activities as it strives to engineer a culture in which every person can succeed. 

IUSM Office of the Advancement of Women
Join the Office of the Advancement of Women listserv to stay informed about efforts to advance women in medicine and science at IUSM. This listserv is used to disseminate information about efforts of the IUSM Women's Advisory Council and the Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development to advance women in medicine and science.

IUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity
The IUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity is committed to promoting a working and learning environment free of discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability or veteran status.

Office for Women / Commission on Women
The Office for Women addresses the diverse needs of IUPUI women faculty, staff, and students through advocacy, programming, community building, and communication. It is supported in its efforts by the resources of the Office for Professional Development and through collaborations with other campus units and the support of the Office for Women Advisory Council.

Advocates for Sexual Equality (ASE)
The Advocates for Sexual Equality (ASE) is IUPUI's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) organization dedicated to addressing LGBT social and political concerns, providing a safe community, and increasing campus awareness of LGBT-related issues.

IUPUI Black Faculty and Staff Council
The mission of the IUPUI Black Faculty and Staff Council is to enhance educational, professional and cultural opportunities for members of the IUPUI African American community.

Black Student Union (BSU)
The Black Student Union (BSU) welcomes you to IUPUI. BSU is an organization, whose primary concern is to assist students in their educational endeavors.

IUPUI Latino Student Association
The goal of Latino Student Association (LSA) is to unify the diverse Latino community at IUPUI in the desire of promoting academic excellence in our community and the pride that accompanies the knowledge of self. In this, we embrace all students, staff, and faculty who are interested in promoting the diversity in our cultures and languages.

Native American Student Alliance
The Native American Student Alliance (NASA) welcomes all students as members. The NASA mission is to identify IUPUI students with an interest in Native American Studies/Culture and offer a Native American community and service base on campus.

Chinese Student-Scholar Association at IUPUI
The Chinese Student-Scholar Association (CSSA) is dedicated to promoting Chinese culture, history and languages and providing academic, professional, social and entertainment information and services to its members.

Asian Students United at IUPUI
The Asian Students United (ASU), aim to build alliances among student organizations and connect Asian students at IUPUI.

Iranian Student Association at IUPUI
The Iranian Student Association was formed to promote better understanding of the social, traditional and historical aspects of Iranian culture at IUPUI and to promote cross culture cooperation and sponsoring cultural events.  Membership is open to all students and to faculty, staff, visiting scholars and their spouses for a small fee.

Muslim Student Association at IUPUI
The Muslim Student Association is dedicated to present and preserve the correct understanding of Islam to both the Muslim and non-Muslim community of Indianapolis. It is our hope that our efforts Insha-Allah (God Willing) will foster mutual respect and tolerance and help to clear misconceptions of Islam: a religion that claims more then twenty percent of mankind.  Events and meets are open to all IUPUI students, staff, and faculty.

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