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The “Business of Biomedical Sciences” minor allows our trainees to be highly competitive for the careers in the 21st century biomedical workforce that require doctoral education. We take advantage of the existing structure of the IBMG Program for PhD study for the minor.  The ten (10) credit hour “Business of Life Sciences” minor requires that students utilize existing courses in the Schools of Business, Law and Medicine. These courses are listed below in the doctoral minor plan of study. 


Minor Contact:
Dr. Randy Brutkiewicz, PhD
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
MS 207
Phone: 317-274-3441
Email: rbrutkie [at] iupui [dot] edu


Admission Requirements
To be admitted to the Ph.D. minor in Business of Biomedical Sciences, you must be a currently enrolled doctoral student in good academic standing in any IU or IUPUI school. Students in any IU school or department are also welcome to apply.


Application Procedure
Students who would like to apply to the Ph.D. minor in the Business of Biomedical Sciences, must submit via email to Dr. Randy Brutkiewicz, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and minor contact for this minor, the following:

Accepted students will be notified promptly via email by the minor contact.


Grading Policy
A minimum of B (3.0) is required in each course that is to count toward the minor. If a minimum of B (3.0) is not earned in a course, that course must be retaken. A course may only be retaken once. Students who fail to achieve the minimum grade of B (3.0) the second time they take a course will not be able to earn the Ph.D. minor.


Qualifying Exam
The Ph.D minor in Business of Biomedical Science does not require a Qualifying Exam

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