LGRAD Program


Executive Summary

The LGRAD program provides the opportunity for graduate training built around mutually beneficial and collaborative pre-competitive research projects between the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) and Lilly Research Laboratories. The program exists within the IUSM Biomedical Gateway Program (IBMG) with Lilly employees participating as Lilly Employee Graduate Students (LEGS). The IUSM-LEGS program will provide a flexible framework for the Lilly employee while fully satisfying the requirements for graduate study at IUSM. The program is designed to:

A. Create a well-designed pathway for Lilly employees to obtain an advanced degree in one of the existing graduate programs at the IUSM.

B. Foster collaborative relationships that result in tangible benefits for both research enterprises.

Information observed or exchanged pursuant to the academic process shall be freely useable by all parties for any purpose.

The IUSM-LGRAD program is designed to be synergistic, although separate from, existing collaborative programs such as the Lilly Research Award Program (LRAP). 

LGRAD Highlights (Applicants and Potential IUSM Mentors)

  • LGRAD applicants are full time Lilly employees
  • Lilly employees interested in the LGRAD program must apply through the normal route and be reviewed by the IBMG Admissions Committee to recommend whether the applicants be accepted (or not)
  • LGRAD applicants need approval from both Lilly and an IU mentor who will serve as the major professor
  • Laboratory rotations can be taken if a major professor is not identified upfront
  • There is a first year Advisory Committee that consists of the Graduate Program Director, LGRAD Director (or designee) and Lilly supervisor/mentor
  • LGRAD students will have both a Lilly mentor and IU mentor (major professor)
  • All LGRAD students are required to fulfill the coursework requirements for the specific graduate program they have entered and maintain a minimum GPA as per IU School and University policy
  • Timeline to degree must follow all IU policies and procedures
  • LGRAD students are expected to participate in the full spectrum of graduate student activities (e.g., department seminars, lab meetings, etc.)—this includes the qualifying exam(s) and dissertation defense (timing as per specific IUSM Program rules)
  • The makeup of the dissertation committee following admission to candidacy is standard; however, one member of the committee will be the Lilly Employee Mentor; the Chair is the IU Academic Mentor as per IU Graduate School and IUSM Program rules
  • Regular dissertation committee meetings, as with all IUSM graduate students, are required (at least two per year)
  • The dissertation research shall not conflict with Lilly’s commercial interests (onus is on the LGRAD student and Lilly mentor)
  • Dissertation work must be publishable, hypothesis-driven research and not part of their normal duties as a Lilly employee
  • There is no guarantee of financial support for the LGRAD student by IU

How To Apply

If you are a current Lilly employee that has been encouraged to apply to the LGRAD program, please follow the How To Apply instructions.

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