Admission Policy

Admissions decisions are based on individualized review of your qualifications and experience.  Factors to be considered may include:

  • Your undergraduate and graduate degrees held
  • Your interview(s)
  • Your CV
  • Your overall knowledge and experience
  • Your research and other relevant experience
  • Your scores on standardized tests (GRE or MCAT, TOEFL or other proof of English Proficiency)
  • Your undergraduate/graduate grade point average(s)
  • The nature of your undergraduate/graduate major and coursework
  • Your personal statement
  • Your letters of recommendation
  • The quality of your undergraduate/graduate programs, etc.

All applications must be considered by the IUSM graduate admissions committee.  The most important criterion for admission is your ability to demonstrate a likelihood of having a successful and productive graduate school experience at the IUSM. 

IUSM Research

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