Admission Requirements


Students are expected to have a strong background in the sciences; however, there are no formal course requirements for the IBMG Program. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a science major is a step in the right direction. Courses and associated lab experiences that provide a good background for graduate course work include, but are not limited to: biology, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics. In all cases, the admissions committee will want to see a B or better in the coursework. A grade of C+ or lower will need to be addressed in the personal statement. It is also recommended that the courses taken are for ‘science majors,’ so take Chemistry for science majors rather than Chemistry for non-science majors. Please also note, Psychology courses are not prerequisites. To view the Admissions Policy, click here


Before considering applying to graduate school, you need to get relevant research experience. The most impressive applications are from students who had in-depth research experience. Those who do not have research experience are not competitive. An example of a great research experience would be a research project outside of a class lasting 6 weeks or longer in which the applicant thinks about the project, asks questions, designs and conducts experiments, and interprets data. This type of research would be deemed independent because critical thinking is involved from start to finish even though it is likely to be supervised by a faculty mentor, postdoc, or senior graduate student. Presenting your results at a conference or publishing an abstract or paper would also be to your advantage.

Test Scores

Below you will find the average undergraduate GPA and GRE scores for domestic students for a typical admissions year:

Undergraduate GPA:   3.56

GRE Scores:

Quantitative Percentile - 70%
Verbal Percentile - 60%
Analytical Percentile - 51%


Below you will find the average undergraduate GPA, GRE scores, and TOEFL scores for international students for a typical admissions year:

Undergraduate GPA: Varies depending on institution grading system

GRE Scores:

Quantitative Percentile - 89%
Verbal Percentile - 76%
Analytical Percentile - 37%

IELTS Scores: 7.5 

TOEFL Scores:       

Paper 620
Computer 259
Internet 101

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