About the IBMG Program

The Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM), second largest medical school in the U.S., offers research-based biomedical science Ph.D. programs; all of which are conferred by the prestigious Indiana University Graduate School. 

Each School of Medicine biomedical science Ph.D. program participates in an “open enrollment” system named The Indiana University School of Medicine BioMedical Gateway (IBMG) Program. The IBMG Program provides a shared first year experience for all of School of Medicine biomedical science pre-doctoral (Ph.D. program) students. 

The program reflects the interdisciplinary nature of modern biomedical research. In addition to the research areas that are defined by the Ph.D. degree programs, it is also possible for you to consider the following interdisciplinary research areas:


 Alcohol and Addiction Research

 Cancer Biology

 Cell and Developmental Biology

 Chemical Biology

 Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

 Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders

 Environmental Health

 Gene Transfer/Gene Therapy

 Skeletal Biology and Orthopedics

 Stem Cell Biology

 Structural Biology

 Vascular Biology


Research areas are also illustrated by the Ph.D. degree “minor” topics, such as: bioinformatics; biomolecular imaging; cancer/cancer biology; and, diabetes. These minors are often supported by training grants.  

As an IBMG student you will participate in a modern curriculum as part of a school-wide community of graduate students. The IBMG Program promotes collaborations amongst School of Medicine research laboratories, further creating a sense of community between graduate students and faculty.

In addition to the common curriculum you will take part in three half-semester (7-8 week) research rotations; one during the second half of your first semester-- and two in the second semester-- of your first year. You have the freedom to choose lab rotations throughout the hundreds of research laboratories associated with the School of Medicine Ph.D. programs.

At the end of your first year—laboratory assignments will be made, and you will then join the biomedical science Ph.D. degree program of your choosing. You will then take part in your doctoral research project and complete the requirements of your selected degree program in consultation with your Advisory Committee.

IUSM Research

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