Degree Programs

IBMG Program for Ph.D. Study

The Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) offers nine research-based biomedical science Ph.D. programs: Anatomy and Cell Biology; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Cellular and Integrative Physiology; Medical and Molecular Genetics; Medical Neuroscience; Microbiology and Immunology; Pathology; Pharmacology; and Toxicology. The ten Ph.D. programs participate in an “open enrollment” system named The Indiana University School of Medicine BioMedical Gateway (IBMG) Program. The IBMG Program provides a shared first year experience for all School of Medicine biomedical science predoctoral (Ph.D. program) students facilitating collaborations among students and faculty. Students choose an advisor in a Ph.D. program at the end of their first year.

MSTP & Combined Degrees

IUSM's unique degree combinations, including the Indiana Medical Scientist Program (MD/PhD), MD/MPH, MD/MBA, and MD/MA programs.

Educational Research-based Ph.D. Tracks

Indiana University School of Medicine also offers one Medical Education Research track in Anatomy and Cell Biology. The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology has developed a separate PhD track that will prepare students for careers in anatomical teaching and educational research.

Masters Programs

Research-based M.S. degrees are offered in: Anatomy and Cell Biology; Cellular and Integrative Physiology; Medical and Molecular Genetics; and Pathology. Specialized M.S. programs are also offered: anesthesiologists' assistants, clinical research, genetic counseling, medical science, pathologists' assistants, and translational science.

Certificate Programs

There are four graduate/professional certificates offered within the IUSM. 1) Clinical Research 2) Innovation and Implementation Science 3) Medical Dosimetry and 4) Translational Science.

PhD Minors

Several research areas are illustrated by the Ph.D. degree “minor” topics that are often taken by students supported by training grants. The Indiana University School of Medicine graduate minors include: Bioinformatics, Biomolecular Imaging, Cancer/Cancer Biology, and Diabetes.

LGRAD Program

IUSM Research

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