IUSM and IUPUI Partnership

Indiana University (IU) is an institution with several campuses around the State of Indiana.  Purdue University is a separate state institution also with several campuses around the State of Indiana.  These two great universities decided to collaborate to form a comprehensive urban campus in Indianapolis, the State capital and major city, thus the creation of IUPUI in 1969.

By comprehensive, we mean that each University brought their best schools into the partnership (IU School of Medicine, Purdue School of Science, IU School of Dentistry, IU School of Nursing, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, etc) to create an urban campus with many collaborative options for prospective and current students.

The IU School of Medicine is the only medical school in the State of Indiana and its location at IUPUI makes the IUPUI campus the major biomedical university research campus in the state. 


Applicants to the IBMG program, if admitted, will become students of the Indiana University School of Medicine. They will study on the campus of IUPUI and their degrees will be conferred by the Indiana University Graduate School.

IUSM Research

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